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Advertisements Exposing the Youth to Electronic Cigarettes on TV Are on the Rise

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As more rules are being studied to be applied to the electronic cigarette selling to minors, there is alarming news wherein television advertisements being shown for the devices have gone up.  These ads were largely shown on programs where young adults, minors and adolescents generally watch.

According to the Pediatrics with the online study they did, e-cigarette ads have dramatically increased between 2011 and 2013 by 256% and that is among minors aged 12 to 17.  What is more disturbing is that an increase of 321% was noted on young adults aged 18 to 24.

The e-cigarette TV ads were shown on popular cable networks and were seen by approximately 76% of the said age groups.  The ads have even appeared on programs under broadcast network which belong to the 100 highest rated shows or programs for the youth for the TV season in 2012-2013.

A popular e-cigarette brand, blu which is manufactured by the tobacco company Lorillard has a major exposure with 82% e-cigarette ads which were viewed by minors, aged 12 to 17.

According to Jennifer Duke, who is a public health researcher at RTI International and the lead author of the thorough study, that both the tobacco and e-cigarette industries were not targeting their ads to the young people.  They are advertising their products on TV which is the broadest and most accessible media in the country.

Duke added that with the 24million television audience viewers with the 12 to 17 age range, e-cigarette exposure is increased as this is what is shown during regular programs.  They cannot deny that these ads were only seen by the adults.

Meanwhile, television advertisements for tobacco cigarettes were banned since 1971.  The Food and Drug Administration has proposed a ban on selling of tobacco products which are unregulated which includes e-cigarettes, pipe tobacco, cigars and the likes of hookahs.  The agency is also requiring appearance on every pack warning labels, the disclosure on its ingredients and approval from the federal government.  However, the rule does not apply to advertising and marketing strategies done by the tobacco companies.

According to blu eCigs statement, Lorillard have limited their ads on where and when it can be marketed so as to not to target the minors who are watching.  They have also stressed that their marketing position is ensured to run on television which targets 85% of adult viewers.

Duke also noted that with the study which analyzed television audience measurement data done by Nielsen, it did not screen the commercials or choose the audience which the ads intend to target.  They only focus on the ones that have exposure to these ads.

With these results on studies done, Duke says it is still alarming as the ads are unregulated and these can be seen by both adults and minors alike.  Plus, the public health community is not doing any counter measures to stop or to regulate the ads from being shown on TV.

The FDA does not have solid information on the effects of using e-cigarettes but laboratory findings with several samples shown traces of toxic chemicals and carcinogens like diethylene glycol which is used as antifreeze.

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Louisiana set to ban sale of e-cigarettes to minors

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Electronic Cigarettes Image Courtesy-GuardianTV

Starting August 1st, the state of Louisiana will definitely ban selling of electronic cigarettes to minors or people less than 18 years of age.

Legislature has come to a decision to prohibit any sale of the e-cigarettes to minors as the Senate has given its final verdict to pass the bill outlawing the sale of vaporizers or e-cigarettes, and other products that contain nicotine.

Louisiana is one state that has a standing ban on selling of tobacco cigarettes to minors as well.  Now it is also applicable to e-cigarettes wherein young people are attracted to the flavored e-liquid which is being heated and eventually turns to vapor.

The legislation was signed into law by Gov. Bobby Jindal that requires e-cigarettes to be treated like traditional tobacco cigarettes which was set to protect children from the dangers of nicotine poisoning.

Senate voted 34-0 giving final passing of the bill to prohibit all sales of the vapor-emitting devices to minors.  This bill was brought to the state by Democrat Sen. Rick Gallot of Ruston who is after the banning of any form of selling of the e-cigarettes or any alternative sources of nicotine-containing devices to minors.

It was learned that minors are capable of buying e-cigarettes from online stores anonymously and were never asked to give out identification.  This scenario lets these minors obtain and use the e-cigarettes and make them constant users of these devices.

It was learned that Gallot submitted the said bill due to a local district attorney’s office has contacted him informing him that there was a flaw with the law concerning the electronic cigarettes.  The bill states that it is not covering the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, on the tobacco cigarettes.

Emergence of the e-cigarettes bloomed only recently as they are fairly new products introduced in the market in 2009.  Since then, it has flourished into a billion dollar industry in the US.  The battery-operated device has caught the fancy of the smokers especially the heavy ones as they emit vapor instead of the smoke.  It is also said that the e-cigarettes contain less nicotine and they can use it or “vape” in public places like bars, restaurants or malls.  This is why a lot of people are switching to the no-tar e-cigarettes.

There are still unreported data on the health risks due to e-cigarette use as these devices are fairly new and research study results are yet to be obtained.  Even the Food and Drug Administration has yet to release an announcement on the factors affecting one’s health of the e-cigarette users.

Many Louisiana residents were happy about the decision of the Senate to finally have a ban on selling of e-cigarette products and e-liquids to minors so they won’t be addicted to nicotine and prevent them from acquiring these devices.  The e-cigarettes may contain e-liquids that may appeal to children like mint, chocolate or candy flavors but these are not safe for minors let alone children.  The e-liquids also contain nicotine in different strengths and may cause poisoning when swallowed by children.

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French package branding in e-cigarettes, targeted by new bill

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New legislation in France is being planned to ban the use of electronic cigarettes in public places such as restaurants and bars.  It will also be applied to the logos and colors by the company that manufactured it.  This drastic change will start next month even with the dismay of many.

The change was initiated by French Health Minister Marisol Touraine and to be forwarded on June 17th to Congress that would require company branding and its color found in the cigarette packs to be 65% compliant with anti-smoking warnings and messages.

According to Touraine, this is done to lessen the habit of smoking by the younger generation.  This is also applicable to e-cigarette device packaging so they will not be attractive to the minors’ eyes. Minors also take ample use of the online discount coupons to lessen the burden on their pockets.

With Touraine’s bill, e-cigarette users will be affected since they will be paying for the higher tax levied on these similar tobacco products.  The e-cigarette devices are widely used in public places like cafes, bars and restaurants since they emit vapor instead of the nicotine-based smoke.  Sometimes they even smell nice with the flavored e-liquid that turns into vapor when heated.

The legislation will also include giving rights to seek large amount settlements from the tobacco manufacturers which are the same as the high-paying lawsuits in the US which resulted in payments of millions of dollars to winning smokers.

According to French paper Le Figaro, this bill will be fought with all possible means to prevent the high taxes.  They would even fight with the anti-smoking advocates who are all happy with the new tax bill.

A recent survey in France showed that the smoking public went down to 27% due to the emergence of the e-cigarettes which emits vapor instead of the annoying smoke that irritates the people around smokers.

Even with the scare of people dying from smoke-related diseases, the French are still sticking with the habit.  With the ban in the process, it could damage the growing e-cigarette device business.

One shop owner called Vapshop.fr Darren Moon stressed that he will be closing shop and start firing his personnel if the ban on the workplace or in public places will take place.  He deals with selling e-cigarettes in disposable form in bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants.  If the ban will take effect, he would lose 20% of his business and reduce the number of his employees.

Debate on whether these e-cigarettes are a better alternative from tobacco cigarettes has been long discussed and if they contain carcinogenic substances.  The e-liquids that make up the flavor in e-cigarettes sometimes contain nicotine and is said to contain harmful ingredients although a study has yet to confirm this.

A warning set by the 60 million consumers who are a French association, reported that the e-cigarettes are not safe as per their manufacturer’s advertisement and might be dangerous to the smoker’s health and may even lead to cancer.

Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, who is a researcher in cardiology at the University Hospital Gathuisberg in Belgium, said that there should be a basis for these scary findings on the e-cigarettes and should be compared and studied with the tobacco cigarettes.

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Mark Dayton Not Very Keen to Ban the Indoor Use of E-Cigs

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Electronic Cigarettes Image Courtesy-CBC

Gov. Mark Dayton has finally admitted his beliefs towards the proposal of banning the indoor use of e-cigarettes. During an interview, he stated that he will sign a bill regarding the restriction of children’s qualification to purchase the device, but when it comes to indoor use, he wouldn’t agree to the ban. He added that the study had been extending their research on smokers on the last session, and it was enough.

In Minnesota, local and state governments are currently putting e-cigarettes on similar restrictions of tobacco cigarettes. Most states have already restricted “vaping cigars” in public places. However, the restrictions made the situation worse for both e-cigarette makers and users. There is a saying that restrictions hinders their freedom, thus it will backfire soon.

Dayton does not know the definitive proof that second-hand vapors create risk like  second-hand smoke. He finally added that, conclusive proof needs to be evaluated before deciding that vapors are detrimental to the body. Senators read the restrictions of e-cigarettes indoor uses as a floor vote at the Minnesota Capitol.  They are prepared in voting a version to ban the selling of e-cigarettes to children and ban the use in public schools. Supporters of the restrictions are usually the backers of an association that supports the Freedom to Breathe Act. This act restricts outdoor smoking and bans indoor smoking.

According to the DFL-Mankato’s Sen. Kathy Sheran, the time to carry out an implementation is today. There is no tomorrow in uniting the communities and businesses to develop common comprehensions regarding the fact that air are not vaporized indoor. She even added plans in continuing her bill despite Dayton’s suspicions.

The groups that strongly support e-cigarettes restrictions are the American Lung Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield, ClearWay Minnesota and American Cancer Society. If you notice, they are all professionals involved in the health care industry. They have been facing different issues and have been pushing the regulations towards the restriction of using e-cigarettes since they believe that cigarettes of any kind are detrimental to health, and if there are any issues regarding the use, it should be banned immediately. On top of that, they believe that the traditional  cigarettes and the new electronic cigarettes have the same effects. Though, not on different extent and level, sooner or later it will come out similarly.

The efforts of these professionals are sustained by studies showing the increase of these e-cigarette liquid poisoning. In 2013, there are about fifty poisoning cases. The most common victims are children and young adults. They want to give a message to parents that all liquid nicotine is detrimental to health as it poses a fatal risk to the lungs. According to Ed Ehlinger, the Health Commissioner of Minnesota, the parents should be responsible enough to keep cigarettes of any kind that would be within reach to their children.

The increase of poisoning cases came from this new smoking alternative device. Since nicotine is addictive, users and smokers will purchase it from time to time. So, the business will generate more sales. That is why in Minnesota, there are two hundred e-cigarette sellers that are currently doing business. Most of them just opened last year. The governor responded by highlighting the increase cigarette taxes as a way to control smoking.

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Tax on e-cigarettes still not enough

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E-cigarettes Image Courtesy-ReadWrite

The government has been earning sin taxes from the smoking public.  That’s good as a way to stop them from buying or smoking tobacco cigarettes. Every pack that cost them $2.70 paid to the state of New Jersey and it has been raised for the past 10 years thanks to Gov. Chris Christie’s tax proposal.  That’s for good old tobacco cigarettes.

Now the government still wants a piece of the pie in electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes.  As Gov. Christie’s proposed budget plan on tax increase extends to the purchase of e-cigarettes.  That has become another form of addiction: tax addiction.

With the ongoing sin tax on tobacco products, smokers should get the message and quit buying and smoking.  With the emergence of e-cigarettes, they found another way to still do their habit but without the smoke and the tax.

These e-cigarettes became popular just two or three years ago although they were already in existence since the 1960s.  They were accepted by the smoking community with the emergence of new batteries and flavored e-liquids.  The e-liquid when heated becomes vapor and that is what’s being emitted from the e-cigarettes which are way less harmful than smoke.

Know what else is attracting the smokers to switch to the e-cigarettes?  It’s the flavors which can range from their favorite brand of tobacco cigarettes to fruity flavors.  Others also introduce sweet candy or ice cream flavors which can be smelled through the vapor.

This has also become an issue of controversy.  According to lawmakers, these flavors are geared to lure young adults to try and use the now popular e-cigarettes.  Retailers have countered this as they are not luring the young to try the e-cigarettes.  It is to suit the different tastes of various smokers.

According to former smokers of tobacco cigarettes, they have earned the country $1.5 billion every year.  With the e-cigarettes, the figure has become lower as they have switched to the devices that emit vapors.

The use of e-cigarette has made many long-time smokers to veer away from the habit and turn to a device that would lessen their smoking.  Many smokers have also attested that they have not smoked a tobacco cigarette once they switched to the e-cigarette which is a good thing.  But with the proposed tax on the new gadgets, smokers may well return to the real thing once again.

The Food and Drug Administration has yet to issue a statement that these e-cigarettes pose harm to users due to lack of statistics as research study are still scarce.  Results may have to wait as these studies have just started if the vapors promote lesser toxins than tobacco smoke.

The e-cigarettes still have nicotine content and depending on the user’s choice can adjust the strength according to one’s preference.  Others can choose to have no nicotine at all.

Proposing a tax on devices or gadgets that can help heavy smokers to kick the habit of smoking tobacco products does not help these users as well as the retailers to a win-win situation.  Whatever the verdict is, let’s hope it is for everyone’s sake.


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Tampa Bay Joins E-Cigarette Growing Business

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A real cigarette or an electronic cigarette Image Courtesy-PrimeNet

More and more people are getting into the e-cigarette business.  Take the example of one insurance agent who retired at the age of 35 to start his own laboratory of mixing liquid nicotine using his 401k.  Armed with the desire and big risk to launch his business making e-liquids, it has gone very well with less than a year since it started.

T.D. Bowen said he was very scared when he put up the lab and began making e-liquids.  He even stated that he saw the opportunity with the e-cigarette industry as it helped him quit smoking and turn to the new gadget.  He thought of the lab as a start-up company concocting e-liquids to be used in the now widely used e-cigarettes.

With the emergence of the small businesses like Bowen’s, Tampa Bay is now joining the billion-dollar e-cigarette industry.  He is even the main sponsor of the Vaping Convention Circuit wherein it showcases the various e-cigarettes from different distributors.

The use of e-cigarettes has made the tobacco industry wane and lose the total market share for cigarette sales.  Even local pharmacies like CVS are beginning to take out packs of real cigarettes from their shelves to give way to the fashionably looking devices.  Stylish e-cigarettes have attracted more patrons as they can even customize the look they want with their own gadget.

Budding business owners have to face the competition with the Big Tobacco, which holds the majority of the market share with their own brands of e-cigarettes.  They are now coming out with launching their products in more states and invading the local scene.

According to Rob Burton who was once an employee of the world’s second largest tobacco magnate, he is not threatened by the big players, as they can offer more e-cigarette gadgets, e-liquids and accessories to be at par with the demands of this growing industry.

Business owners believe that these e-cigarettes play a major role in helping tobacco smokers in quitting the habit and switching to a healthier routine.  Instead of exhaling smoke, they emit vapors, which are Mother Earth friendly, non-toxic and keeping their loved ones from harm.  Users of e-cigarettes can even use or vape in public, as it does not produce ash and vapors, which are even sweet smelling.

Although e-cigarettes are yet to have sound data on its effects to the body, smokers rely on the healthy outcome of their switching from tobacco to nicotine-flavored liquids emitted as vapor.  They tend to enjoy the act of smoking without the smoke, odor and tar it usually leaves behind.

Also, what made e-cigarettes popular is the easy way to get one even online.  Plus if it is making them quit smoking, then all the more reason long-time smokers are switching to the healthy alternative.  While business owners earn more profit whether selling the gadgets, accessories or e-liquids, then Tampa Bay is not far behind from getting a piece of the pie.  Who would deprive their residents to a cleaner and healthier lifestyle?  Besides, it is not just the profit but the means to keep their vision in making safe and environment friendly cigarette alternatives.

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UCSF Study Wrongly Links E-Cigs to Smoking Real Cigarettes

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Image Courtesy-Compare-e-cigarettes.com

The recent UCSF study, which linked the usage to electronic cigarettes to their real counterparts, has come in for a lot of fire. There has been a barrage of questions about the authenticity of the data and the means applied to collect them and the inferences drawn from the study.

It ought to be mentioned here that recently the University of California San Francisco used the data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey done two and three years (2011 and 2012, to be precise) previously to state that, “e-cigarettes are likely to be gateway devices for nicotine addiction among youth, opening up a whole new market for tobacco.” This statement drew a lot of gasps from the governmental agencies.

UCSF also disclosed the results in a press release, whose authors were Lauren Dutra and Dr. Stanton Glantz. The study got a whole bunch of publicity when it was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics. It famously stated that, “The study of nearly 40,000 youth around the country also found that e-cigarette use among middle- and high-school students doubled between 2011 and 2012, from 3.1 percent to 6.5 percent.

youth-e-cigarette-use  Image Courtesy-RStreet.org

Image Courtesy-RStreet.org

However there have been claims to the contrary. Many independent analysts and researchers have said that the inferences are not true at all, because during the data collection process, even a person who had tried an e-cig just once was taken as a regular smoker. It can’t be denied that e-cig usage is rising among college students, but it can’t be said with total certainty that they are the path to regular cigarette smoking. Refer to the chart on the left for data related to the percentages of regular smokers vs e-cig smokers.

The American Cancer Society and the American Legacy Foundation have also wondered about the conclusions of the study and they are apprehensive about the data collection processes and the methodology used in the study. They raised a number of hard questions about the whole study. American Cancer Society’s Dr. Thomas Glynn reportedly said to the New York Times that, the data collected by the authors in no way points towards the results of the famous or rather infamous study.

“I am quite certain that a survey would find that people who have used nicotine gum are much more likely to be smokers and to have trouble quitting, but that does not mean that gum is a gateway to smoking or makes it harder to quit,” according to Dr. David Abrams, who belongs to the prestigious American Legacy Foundation.

When the authors of the study – Lauren Dutra and Dr. Stanton Glantz were questioned about their data and inferences, then they reiterated by a lot of statistical data and reports, but they could not conclusively prove that their inferences in the study were true. However their study has gotten its due share of limelight and it is been publicized around the world for its broad conclusions, despite the fact that it is not in anyway related to the truth at all.

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Switzerland-Made Nicotine Is the Top Favorite of the E-Cig Manufacturers

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What is Nicotine? 
Image Courtesy-SmokeFreeRoom

Any product is only as good as the ingredients that are put in it and it is true for the e-cigs as well. However, due to the lack of rules and regulations regarding electronic cigarettes, there are no clear guidelines about the ingredients that can be used to manufacture them and also about their usage. It is because of this issue that China made e-cigs are very popular nowadays amongst the youth, because of their relatively cheap prices. On the other hand, connoisseurs like their e-cigs in a special way and to fulfill their growing demand, the most popular ingredient doing the current rounds is none other than nicotine, which has been made and manufactured in Switzerland.

As a chemical, nicotine is very potent and very small amount is needed to kill a person, hence it is imperative that a good quality product should be used in e-cigs as well, as it can have landmark effects on the smoker’s health. “Nicotine is an extremely difficult-to-handle, hazardous product. Our offering is like a brand. It’s clear that this is high-quality nicotine, made in Switzerland,” according to Torsten Siemann, who is the MD of Contraf-Nicotex-Tobacco GmbH, (a German brand) which has a joint-partnership with Siegfried Holding AG. (SFZN) (a Switzerland-based brand.)

The sale of e-cigs and similar devices such as hookah pens and e-hookahs are skyrocketing and are expected to cross more than $4 billion in the current fiscal year. So, it is a no-brainer that the demand for good-quality nicotine is rising as well. This is causing headaches to the tobacco companies, as they are seeing a shift in their user’s smoking patterns, but are clueless about how to stop the drift.

Switzerland-based Siegfried is rumored to be worth $685 million and it is one of the foremost producers of nicotine, which is used not only in e-cigs, but in other nicotine-based products as well such as nicotine-gum, lozenges etc, which are used by smokers as a smoking-cessation device to quit smoking.

As the e-cig market is devoid of any laws and regulations, so the lower brands can easily use cheap and impure nicotine in their products and go scot-free for the same too. They can’t be held liable for the bad quality of their nicotine, which is an active ingredient of the e-cigs in a court of law because there are no clear guidelines regarding the same.

“The quality requirements for the ingredients of e-cigs, including the nicotine, have to be defined. There is no liability for bad quality,” according to Jayesh Patel, who is BGP’s managing director.

And in such unsure times, pure nicotine, which has not been adulterated, and is made with the best and finest quality ingredients, is a source of joy for the e-cig companies. “We chose to work with Siegfried because they are able to supply pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, something we feel is very important and one of the key selling points for Vype,” according to British American Tobacco Plc spokesperson Will Hill.

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Doctors in Denver Worried about the Risk of E-Cigs on Children

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Smoking in major cities in several states have been limited to outdoors while in some, it is still looking into banning smoking in any place.  That is for tobacco smoking.  How about e-cigarette smoking?  Does the law cover this new gadget that has been rapidly invading the smoking population?

Since the discovery of e-cigarettes three years ago, it has been easily accessible even to teenagers, as no law has restricted its sale to anyone.  While tobacco products have controlled their advertisements, e-cigarettes have been seen in print and in television by a wide audience including children.

This is now the concern of the National Jewish Health facility in Denver, Colorado.  It seems that e-cigarettes can be seen in any advertising medium without any strict regulation on the impact on its audience.

Most smokers have switched to the e-cigarette craze because according to them, it has helped them limit their smoking to a minimum.  Plus, it doesn’t have a bad smell as it emits sweet smelling vapors instead of smoke.  This is probably why they have changed their preference from the real cigarettes to the e-cigarettes.

The issue of how much nicotine is put on these e-cigarettes is also in question.  Dr. David Tinkleman, the medical director at the National Jewish Health, explains that one part of our brain can be adversely affected by the amount of nicotine intake.  This effect can change the emotion or behavior of an individual depending on how much and how long nicotine has been ingested.

This concern has Dr. Tinkleman appeal and bring to the attention of the Food and Drug Administration to take the necessary steps so these e-cigarettes can’t reach the hands of the adolescents and children.  This would be very harmful especially if the young generation starts early on using the e-cigarettes which has yet to have useful data on its effects due to lack of research study.

Although nicotine use has been turned to vapor, it still contains the ill effects however small it may be.  The fruity smell has made these smokers switched.  It is also available in different fragrances or their favorite tobacco flavor.  Other manufacturers even made ice cream flavors to suit the young smokers.  This is why psychologist Amy Lukowski has shown interest in the restriction of sale to the buying public especially the children.  If it is available to anyone, then teenagers are permitted to buy these gadgets.

Distributors of e-cigarettes are even enticing the smokers and would-be-smokers to buy their products by introducing neat accessories to fit the lifestyle of each smoker.  Some are even fashion inspired to attract female smokers.  As long as they’re making money and believe that it won’t hurt their customers with continued use of the nicotine-based e-cigarettes.

Both doctors agree that with prolonged use of these e-cigarettes, one can be dependent and eventually become addicted to it.  Smokers disagree as it has helped them to steer away from tobacco and turn to vapor-based nicotine that won’t hurt their family and even their children.

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Green Bay Schools Planning to Ban E-Cigarettes

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Schools And E-cigs 
Image Courtesy-Alligator

This is a case of the e-cigarettes now invading the smoking scene.  The newest craze among smokers has stirred the interest of locals in the Green Bay area.  It is now the center of debate if the use of e-cigarettes will be allowed indoors and in the school area.

Statewide ban on indoor smoking in some areas have been implemented in 2010.  It is now being questioned if e-cigarettes are included from the ban. Since its popularity has risen among smokers who want to quit the habit, e-cigarettes have been selling like hotcakes and to the delight of e-cigarette stores.  Their sales have increased since its introduction some three or four years ago.

The issue being argued about is its safety.  Although e-cigarettes emit vapor instead of smoke, a lot of people think that it might be a safer alternative to real cigarette smoking.  Vapor may not hurt the eyes and doesn’t have the bad smell but others are still wary if the nicotine it contains is really safe.

For the Green Bay school district, they are more aggressive in banning e-cigarette smoking whether indoor or outdoor.  School administrators are even sending letters to remind the parents and the guardian of the students that e-cigarettes are prohibited in the schools.  Students may show protests on this move but they are only thinking of their well being. Since the ban on other states has begun, Green Bay district has also joined the bandwagon and would want to see this law succeed.  If it worked for other states, then it should work in this district.

Many smokers believe that the e-cigarettes have helped them to kick the habit and have learned to slow down on real cigarette smoking.  Others claimed that they have eventually stopped tobacco smoking and have switched to the use of e-cigarettes.  With the different flavors available for the nicotine content, they have enjoyed it tremendously and can even smoke in restaurant and malls without being reprimanded.

Health advocates are raring to put a ban on all tobacco products for a healthier place to live in.  It has shown strong disagreement with the people who say that e-cigarettes are safe and it is better to use than real tobacco cigarettes.  How about the chemicals that are being used to have a sweet flavor?  What about the effects it will bring in the long run?  These are some of the questions still being unanswered due to lack of research study.

Business owners in the Green Bay area are still selling and are saying that profit is brisk and still increasing.  The popularity of the e-cigarettes has worked to their advantage and despite the ban, smokers still go for it.  For them, it’s a healthy alternative and gives them the satisfaction of smoking without the ill effects to them.

Smokers of e-cigarettes should be aware that there would be a policy change for a stricter and more comprehensive ban on its use whether indoor or outdoor.  And expect people to be affected by this change.